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Neo Money Prepaid Card vs. Koho Prepaid Mastercard: Which one is the best in 2024?

Since their launch in North America around the 2000’s, prepaid credit cards have emerged as a flexible and convenient tool for managing your money wisely. Canadian consumers are no exception to this trend, and two standout options have captured their attention: Neo Money Prepaid Card and Koho Prepaid Mastercard.

This extensive review aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the Neo Money Prepaid Card and the Koho Prepaid Mastercard. We will evaluate their features, benefits, fees, and more to help you make an informed decision when choosing a prepaid credit card. Additionally, we’ll provide a list of other Canadian prepaid cards that could be useful for various financial needs.

Why would you choose the Neo Prepaid Mastercard over the Koho Prepaid Mastercard ?

Before we dive into the specifics of the Neo Money Prepaid Card and the Koho Prepaid Mastercard, let’s take a moment to understand the Canadian prepaid credit card market. Prepaid cards are a versatile financial tool, especially for individuals who may not qualify for traditional credit cards, wish to manage their spending more efficiently, or seek an additional layer of online security.

Key Features of Canadian Prepaid Credit Cards:

  1. No credit check: Prepaid cards are not linked to your credit history, making them accessible to a broader audience.
  2. Budgeting and control: You load a specific amount of money onto the card, which prevents overspending and helps you manage your finances better.
  3. Online security: Prepaid cards are a safe option for online shopping, reducing the risk of exposing your primary bank account to potential fraud.
  4. Worldwide acceptance: Most prepaid cards are affiliated with major card networks like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express making them accepted globally.

Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s dive into our first contender, the Neo Money Prepaid Card.

Neo Money Prepaid Card

Card Features and Benefits


Neo Money Prepaid Card is making a splash in the Canadian prepaid card market for several compelling reasons. Neo Money, founded in 2016, has rapidly gained a reputation for its innovative approach to banking and financial services. The Neo Money Prepaid Card is one of their flagship offerings, designed to provide users with a convenient and flexible financial solution. Let’s explore the card’s features:

  • Direct Deposit: Neo Money offers a unique feature of having your paychecks and government benefits deposited directly onto the card, eliminating the need for a traditional bank account.
  • Cash Back Rewards: Neo Money provides cashback rewards on everyday purchases, including groceries, gas, and dining, making it an attractive option for those looking to save on daily expenses.
  • Mobile App: The Neo Money mobile app on the apple store is user-friendly and enables you to monitor your balance, transactions, and set budgeting goals with ease. Same thing goes for the Google Play store neo app
  • Zero Foreign Exchange Fees: One standout feature of Neo Money is its zero foreign exchange fees, making it a great companion for international travelers.
  • High Yield Savings Account: Neo Money offers a high-yield savings account with a competitive interest rate, which is an excellent addition for those looking to grow their savings.
  • No Monthly Fees: Neo Money doesn’t charge monthly maintenance fees, making it budget-friendly.
  • High-Yield Savings: Users can earn competitive interest rates through a savings account attached to the card.
  • Automated Round-Ups: Neo Money offers a feature that rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar, saving the spare change in your savings account.
  • Cash Back: Users can earn cashback on select purchases.
  • Free Transactions: Enjoy free Interac e-Transfers and access to over 5,500 ATMs across Canada.
  • Online and Mobile Banking: Manage your account seamlessly through the Neo Money app.
  • Direct Deposit: Users can set up direct deposits for paychecks and government benefits.
  • Bill Payments: Pay bills directly from your card.
  • Overdraft Protection: Neo Money offers overdraft protection to prevent declined transactions.
  • Virtual and Physical Cards: You can request both virtual and physical cards, enhancing your flexibility.

Neo Money aims to provide a complete banking experience through its prepaid card, and it’s evident that they’ve made considerable efforts to cater to various financial needs. However, to make an informed choice, we must now explore the Koho Prepaid Mastercard.

Card Fees and Charges

It’s crucial to understand the cost of using Neo Money:

Fee TypeAmount
Monthly Fee$0
Transaction Fees$0
ATM Withdrawal Fee$2 per withdrawal
Foreign Exchange Fee0%
Replacement Card Fee$10
Inactivity Fee$0
Bill Payment Fee$0

Neo Money User Experience

Neo Money’s user interface is intuitive and modern. The mobile app allows you to easily manage your funds, track spending, and set financial goals. Furthermore, Neo Money offers a personalized experience, allowing you to tailor your card to your unique needs.

Neo vs Koho

Neo Security Measures

Security is a top priority for Neo Money. They employ robust encryption and security protocols to protect your data and funds. The card also features multi-factor authentication for added protection.

Neo Card Pros and Cons


  • Zero monthly fees
  • Cashback rewards
  • High-yield savings account
  • Zero foreign exchange fees
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Direct deposit option
  • Loads of free feature

Fees and Features :

Monthly Account FeeFree
Send & receive Interac e-Transfer®Free
ET (Electronic Transfers)Free
PAD (Pre-authorized Debit)¹Free
Bill PayFree
NSF (Non-sufficient funds) FeeFree
Transaction tracing / recallFree
Stop Interac e-Transfer®Free
Opening or closing accountFree
Dormant account noticeFree
Inactive account chargeFree
Printed version of monthly statement or other documentation requested by user$5.00 for each document that is requested to be printed


  • $2 ATM withdrawal fee
  • $10 replacement card fee
Dollar Limit Maximums (Outgoing)
Interac e-Transfer® Transaction Maximum$3,000.00
Interac e-Transfer® Daily Maximum$10,000.00
Interac e-Transfer® Weekly Maximum$10,000.00
Interac e-Transfer® Monthly Maximum$20,000.00
Neo to Neo Transaction Maximum$5,000.00
Neo to Neo Daily Maximum$10,000.00
Neo to Neo Weekly Maximum$20,000.00
Neo to Neo Monthly Maximum$30,000.00
Bill Pay$25,000.00 per payment
Electronic Transfer$30,000 outbound to linked external bank, per transaction$100,000 limit for inbound from external bank account, per transaction
Maximum Balance Held Per CustomerThe maximum balance per customer is $200,000.00

Now let’s have a look at our second contender, The Koho Prepaid Mastercard offered by the Canadian FinTech that goes by the same name, you’ve guessed right; Koho!

Koho Prepaid Mastercard

Koho Easy Features and Benefits

Koho is another strong contender in the Canadian prepaid card market. Koho, established in 2014, is a FinTech which offer pretty good card rewards. The Koho Prepaid Mastercard is renowned for its budgeting and financial tracking tools. Here are the key features of the Koho Prepaid Mastercard and benefits that set it apart:

  • Cash Back Rewards: Koho offers competitive cashback rewards on categories like groceries, transportation, and dining, helping you save while you spend.
  • RoundUp: Koho’s RoundUp feature allows you to round up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar, with the extra change directed to your savings or debt repayment.
  • Early Direct Deposit: Koho provides early access to your paychecks, giving you a head start on your finances.
  • Expense Tracking: The Koho app includes an advanced expense tracking feature that categorizes your spending, offering insights into your financial habits.
  • No Foreign Exchange Fees: Like Neo Money, Koho does not charge foreign exchange fees, making it a travel-friendly option. This feature is especially valuable for frequent travelers.
  • Zero Annual Fee: Koho does not charge an annual fee, making it an economical choice.
  • Round-Ups: Similar to Neo Money, Koho offers round-up features to save your spare change.
  • Cash Back: Earn cashback on specific purchases, including groceries, transportation, and dining.
  • Spending Insights: Koho provides detailed insights into your spending habits, helping you make better financial decisions.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Receive immediate notifications for all your card transactions.
  • Early Payroll: Get access to your paycheck up to 3 days early with direct deposit.
  • Referral Bonuses: Koho offers referral bonuses for bringing in new customers.
  • Budgeting Tools: Koho provides various budgeting tools and financial tracking features to help you stay on top of your finances.

Koho places a strong emphasis on helping users budget effectively and gain better control over their spending. Now that we’ve explored the individual offerings of Neo Money and Koho, let’s proceed with a head-to-head comparison to assist you in making an informed decision.

Koho Card Fees and Charges

Here are the fees associated with using Koho Prepaid Mastercard:

Fee TypeAmount
Monthly Fee$0
Transaction Fees$0
ATM Withdrawal Fee$0 at 8,000 ATMs
Foreign Exchange Fee0%
Replacement Card Fee$20
Inactivity Fee$0
Bill Payment Fee$0

Koho User Experience in Canada

Koho’s user interface is sleek and efficient, with a focus on financial management. The app allows for easy budgeting, expense tracking, and savings goal setting.

Koho vs Neo

Koho Card Canadian Security Measures

Koho emphasizes security through advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication. Your funds and personal data are kept safe.

Card Pros and Cons


  • Zero monthly fees
  • Cashback rewards and RoundUp feature
  • Early direct deposit
  • No foreign exchange fees
  • Extensive ATM network


  • $20 replacement card fee

Neo prepaid Mastercard VS Koho prepaid Mastercard

Now, let’s compare Neo Money Prepaid Card and Koho Prepaid Mastercard side by side in the following table:

FeatureNeo Money Prepaid CardKoho Prepaid Mastercard
Monthly Fee$0$0
Transaction Fees$0$0
ATM Withdrawal Fee$2 per withdrawal$0 at 8,000 ATMs
Foreign Exchange Fee0%0%
Replacement Card Fee$10$20
Inactivity Fee$0$0
Bill Payment Fee$0$0
Cashback RewardsYesYes
RoundUp FeatureNoYes
Early Direct DepositYesYes
High-Yield SavingsYesNo
User ExperienceUser-friendly appSleek, efficient app
Security MeasuresEncryption, 2FAEncryption, 2FA

This table provides a quick reference for comparing the two prepaid cards, but the decision should be based on your specific financial needs and priorities.

Head-to-Head Comparison: Neo Money vs. Koho Easy Apps and Benefits

The following table provides a direct comparison between the Neo Money Prepaid Card and the Koho Prepaid Mastercard based on various categories:

CategoryNeo Money Prepaid CardKoho Prepaid Mastercard
Monthly FeesNoneNone
High-Yield SavingsAvailableNot Available
Round-Up FeaturesYesYes
Cash BackAvailableAvailable
Free TransactionsYesYes
Online and Mobile BankingAvailableAvailable
Direct DepositAvailableAvailable
Bill PaymentsAvailableAvailable
Overdraft ProtectionAvailableNot Available
Virtual and Physical CardsAvailableAvailable
Foreign Exchange FeesVariesNone
Early PayrollNot AvailableAvailable
Spending InsightsNot AvailableAvailable
Real-Time NotificationsNot AvailableAvailable
Referral BonusesNot AvailableAvailable
  • Please note that the availability of certain features may depend on specific account types or promotions offered by these companies.

Neo Money Prepaid Card: A Closer Look

The Neo Money Prepaid Card has gained popularity in Canada for its unique features and benefits. It offers an easy-to-use financial tool designed to help users better manage their finances. Key features include:

  • No Credit Checks: Neo Money does not require a credit check for approval, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers.
  • Virtual and Physical Cards: Users have the option to use a virtual card for online transactions and a physical card for in-store purchases.
  • Cashback Rewards: Neo Money offers cashback on everyday purchases, allowing users to save money while spending.
  • Budgeting Tools: The Neo Money app provides budgeting and spending tracking tools to help users stay on top of their financial goals.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees: This card is particularly advantageous for frequent travelers, as it does not charge foreign transaction fees.
  • Zero Monthly Fees: Neo Money boasts no monthly fees, which is a significant advantage compared to traditional bank accounts.

Neo Fee Structure

Understanding the fee structure of the Neo Money Prepaid Card is crucial. This section provides a breakdown of the various fees associated with the card, including:

  • Activation Fee: An overview of the one-time activation fee, if applicable.
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: Details regarding any monthly maintenance fees, if present.
  • Transaction Fees: A breakdown of transaction-related fees, such as ATM withdrawal fees and foreign transaction fees.
  • Inactivity Fees: Information on any inactivity fees associated with the card.

Neo Activation Process

Here, we walk you through the process of activating a Neo Money Prepaid Card. We provide a step-by-step guide, along with any essential documentation requirements. This section aims to make the activation process as seamless as possible for potential cardholders.

Neo Money App

The Neo Money app plays a significant role in enhancing the cardholder’s experience. We explore the app’s features, including budgeting tools, transaction history, and account management capabilities. Users can expect a user-friendly interface and robust financial management resources.

Now back to the Koho Prepaid Mastercard

Koho Prepaid Mastercard: In-Depth Analysis

Koho Accounts Features and Benefits

The Koho Prepaid Mastercard has garnered attention for its innovative approach to personal finance. It offers a range of features designed to simplify money management and streamline the banking experience. Key features include:

  • Cashback Rewards: Koho offers cashback on everyday purchases, making it an excellent choice for cost-conscious consumers.
  • Automated Savings: This card rounds up your purchases and saves the spare change, helping users build savings effortlessly.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees: Like Neo Money, Koho does not charge foreign transaction fees, making it ideal for travelers.
  • Real-time Insights: Koho provides real-time insights into your spending habits, helping you make informed financial decisions.
  • Joint Accounts: Users can create joint accounts, making it suitable for shared expenses with family or roommates.

Koho Account Fee Structure

In this section, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of the Koho Prepaid Mastercard’s fee structure, including:

  • Activation Fee: Information on the initial activation fee, if applicable.
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: Details regarding any monthly maintenance fees, if present.
  • Transaction Fees: A closer look at transaction-related fees, such as ATM withdrawal fees and foreign transaction fees.
  • Inactivity Fees: Any inactivity fees associated with the card.

Koho Prepaid card and account Activation Process

Similar to the Neo Money section, we guide you through the process of activating a Koho Prepaid Mastercard. This includes the necessary steps and documentation requirements.

Koho Mobile App

Koho’s mobile app is an essential component of the cardholder’s experience. We explore the app’s features, including spending insights, budgeting tools, and account management capabilities. Expect a detailed look at how the app can simplify your financial life.

Comparing Neo Money and Koho Prepaid Cards

Key Differences between Koho and Neo

We’ve provide a detailed analysis of the key differences between the Neo Money and Koho Prepaid Cards, helping you understand the unique advantages each card offers. This information will aid you in choosing the card that aligns with your financial goals and lifestyle.

Other Canadian Prepaid Credit Cards Worth Considering

While Neo Money and Koho are two excellent choices, it’s essential to be aware of other Canadian prepaid credit cards that might suit your needs. Here’s a list of some notable alternatives:

  1. STACK Prepaid Mastercard: STACK offers a unique approach to prepaid cards with no foreign exchange fees, personalized budgeting tools, and a visually appealing mobile app.
  2. FamZoo Prepaid Card: Designed with families in mind, FamZoo enables parents to teach their children about money management with customizable parental controls.
  3. RBC Visa Gift Card: This is an ideal option for gifting,
  4. BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard: Aimed at travelers, this card allows you to load various currencies, making it easier to manage your finances abroad.
  5. KOHO Prepaid Card: KOHO offers a joint account option, enabling shared financial management and budgeting.
  6. Walmart Prepaid MoneyCard: Backed by a trusted retail giant, this card offers cashback and rewards when shopping at Walmart.
  7. People’s Trust Secured Mastercard: *not available anymore in 2023. A secured card designed to help users build or rebuild their credit, ideal for those with poor or no credit history.

These are just a few of the many prepaid credit card options available in Canada, each catering to specific needs and preferences. It’s essential to research and compare these options to find the one that aligns with your financial goals.

Before we finish, here’s a list of all the best Neo VS Koho reviews available to Canadian on the web;

The Prepaid Pro Showdown: KOHO vs. Neo Financial – Picking Your Perfect Prepaid Pick

The Canadian fintech scene is booming, with new prepaid options popping up like mushrooms after a rain shower. Two of the biggest contenders vying for your attention are KOHO and Neo Financial. Both offer sleek designs, enticing features, and sweet rewards, but which one reigns supreme? Buckle up, prepaid enthusiasts, because we’re about to dissect KOHO and Neo Financial, feature by feature, to help you crown your champion.

The Basics: What Do You Get?


  • Account: Prepaid Mastercard with spending tracker, budgeting tools, instant transfers, and bill pay.
  • Fees: No monthly fees, $2 ATM withdrawal fee after 5 free per month.
  • Rewards: Earn 0.5%-1.5% cash back on everyday purchases with KOHO Mastercard and partner stores.
  • Other Perks: Free credit score monitoring, round-up savings feature.

Neo Financial:

  • Account: Prepaid Mastercard with spending tracker, budgeting tools, instant transfers, and bill pay.
  • Fees: $5 monthly fee waived with $5 minimum spend per month.
  • Rewards: Earn 1%-5% cash back on select categories and partner stores.
  • Other Perks: Metal card option, travel insurance, purchase protection, extended warranty.

Round 1: Fees & Rewards – A Tight Race

KOHO boasts no monthly fees, instantly appealing to the budget-conscious. However, their ATM withdrawals come with a price tag after 5 freebies. Neo Financial counters with a $5 monthly fee, but waives it with a measly $5 spend, making it effectively free for most users. Their rewards edge out KOHO’s, offering up to 5% cash back in select categories. But KOHO’s wider partner network might mean more frequent rewards for some. It’s a close call, with fees a wash and rewards depending on your spending habits.

Round 2: Perks & Features – A Feature Feast

KOHO’s credit score monitoring and round-up savings are handy tools, but Neo Financial throws down a gauntlet with its metal card option, travel insurance, purchase protection, and extended warranty. These perks scream “premium experience,” potentially outweighing KOHO’s simpler offerings for frequent travelers and big spenders.

Round 3: User Experience – Design Matters

Both platforms boast slick, user-friendly interfaces, but KOHO takes the cake with its vibrant, gamified approach. Budgeting feels more like a fun challenge than a chore, and earning rewards feels like collecting trophies. Neo Financial’s clean, minimalist design exudes sophistication, but might feel less engaging for some users.

The Verdict: It’s All About You!

Ultimately, the winner depends on your priorities.

  • Fee-conscious minimalist: KOHO’s free account and wider rewards network might be your match.
  • Perk-loving spender: Neo Financial’s premium features and travel benefits could be your perfect fit.
  • Engaged budgeter: KOHO’s gamified experience might keep you motivated.

The Bonus Round: Consider the Ecosystem

Both KOHO and Neo Financial offer additional products and services beyond their prepaid cards. Explore their investment options, savings accounts, and future offerings to see if their ecosystem aligns with your financial goals.

Remember: This is just a starting point. Do your research, compare features, and don’t be afraid to experiment to find the prepaid champion that fits your financial journey like a glove. Happy prepaying!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out The Prepaid Expert’s other resources for even more insights and comparisons!

In conclusion, the Neo Money Prepaid Card and the Koho Prepaid Mastercard are both strong contenders in the Canadian prepaid credit card market, offering a range of features designed to meet the diverse financial needs of Canadians. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to your unique preferences, whether you prioritize high-yield savings, budgeting tools, cashback rewards, or other specific features.

To make the best choice, carefully consider the comparison table and your financial priorities. Additionally, explore the other prepaid credit cards in Canada options listed to find the card that best suits your financial lifestyle.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the Neo Money vs Koho prepaid cards, as well as other alternatives in the Canadian prepaid credit card market. Remember, the right card can significantly enhance your financial management and security.


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